getting autorization authorizationCode

I'm looking for the authorzation code for my app!

after following all the process given in the documentation example for managing user with python , I'm getting this error:

you cannot grant access to this app, because your account does not have the permissions.....

before getting The AUthorizaion code!

Any help?

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  • EspyM
    EspyM Posts: 2

    Ok! Thanks for the clarification!

    so my next question is how to get thoses privileges?

    I've just create my acount yesterday i doesn't have any license ! I'm testing if it can fit to my project

  • DomLan
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    Hi EspyM,

    try to use Management Console Web of TeamViewer. You can reach it in these alternative ways:

    a) TeamViewer -> Connection -> Open Management Console;

    b) Teamviewer computer and Contact list -> box with 3 lines -> Open Managemen Console;

    c) login at

    There is a manual detailing how to use it:

    I hope this helps



    Domenico Langone

    MCSD: App Builder