Blank screen or Fuzzy screen


I have a pc with curved screen which produces a fuzzy display when I log remote on Teamviewer. Please help?


  • AlanW1
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    Hi Karidos,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    First of all, a curved screen should not be a reason for any fuzzy display as normally physical curves of screen will not affect PC's output.

    A fuzzy display can be attributed to one of 2 things:

    - Poor net connection: for this case, please try selecting "Optimize Quality" for the best picture.

    - Your device failed to perfectly scale 2 displays of different sizes: If the 2 displays have different resolution, the host PC must scale the image from the remote device, which will always cause the loss of quality. For this case, please try selecting "Original" (1:1) in "Scaling" under the view tab.


    Hope this helps you.