Need to figure out what log is showing

I am working with a business and one of their employees is using Teamviewer. I have access to the logs, however I'm not sure what I'm looking at. We want to determine what and when computers were connected to, but there's a LOT of info that I don't understand.


  • AlanW1
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    Hi Chazus

    THank you for posting in community. 

    TeamViewer’s log file is only for TeamViewer’s internal reviewing and it need a parser to be accurately read, therefore you might not understand what it is recording. And unfortunately we do not provide any instructions for analyzing it.

    If this business is holding a Premium and Corporate license, you can get the connection report from the management console. For the details, please kindly refer to this article.

    If you are concerned about unauthorized access, please kindly email to: [email protected]

    Hope this helps you.