Unable to login to installed TV, but Portable edition logs in just fine



This has been going on through a few versions so far. If I do a fresh install of TV on my win10x64 machine or an upgrade, it will open TV & login just fine that first time. If I close it & reopen, or reboot, it just comes up with a cropped login screen & will sit spinning forever. I can open TV portable (older/newer versions, doesn't matter) & it will allow me to login just fine. I have tried uninstalling TV (with remove settings checked), reboot, clear out any file/registry references, reboot, reinstall latest TV & it will still do the same. Nothing really special about this win10x64 install vs any others I have TV installed & working on. Not dead in the water since it does seem to work with the Portable version just fine, just slightly annoying. 

Any thoughts?