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Channel use issue

hi all,

I am currently using teamviewer version 11 for couple years as licenced 1 channel. But sometimes even I disconnect from other party with my different laptop, I do see channel is still in use. I am %100 sure no connection available on the laptop which shown as in-use but could not find proper solution. This started to happen since last month. Could you please advise if that is a known issue and will be fixed soon?


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @NumanA

    Thanks for posting.

    If you open the software and click help > About TeamViewer > Channel Use, this will give you the ID of the device currently using your channels.

    If you then enter this ID into the "Search" bar under computers and contacts, this will tell you if the computer is in your contacts list or if the person logged in to that device is in your contacts list.

    This issue will only occur if there is already another device using your license at that time.

     If you believe that the license is not in use, you will need to call us when the issue is occurring and we will need to be able to connect to the device that the software says is currently using the license to confirm that it is not in use and to diagnose the problem.


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  • Thanks Scotty. As I mentioned I am sure the teamviewer is disconnected in the PC which is keep shown in Help-About TeamViewer channel use. We even shutdown the PC but it did not help, that PC's Teamviewer ID still shown in Channel use menu which is really weird.

    I will make sure to call you once the issue occur again.
  • unfortunately the issue still exist. and it's not computer related issue because it's reproducing in all of my computers. 

    And I am waiting on call line approx 10 mins to reach TeamViewer support to be able to tell them the issue still exist. 

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