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(13.2) Mass Deployment (COMPUTERNAME+USERNAME)


When installing the bat.file I want to add clients to a group. And in that group I want the clients name to contain both Computername and Username.

I have tried using the parameter in assignoptions --alias %COMPUTERNAME+USERNAME% Result: PCxxxx+yyy (incorrect way)

Can I use a variable, something like "COMPUTERNAME" + " " + "USERNAME" = %NAME%


  • NigeNZNigeNZ Posts: 8

    @mts-arkil Did you get anywhere with this, i need this function also

  • mts-arkilmts-arkil Posts: 20

    No not yet, I've been away from work for 10 weeks. Just got back.

    I just add them manually afterwards, which I find to much time consuming. But at least we dont hire new staff so often, but I would really like to have this completly automated. 

  • NigeNZNigeNZ Posts: 8

    They advised username is not currently available as an option =(

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