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Print to a Local Printer

I would like to print to my local printer as well as be able to scan.  I have TV13 and followed the steps to install the printer driver but that does not seem to be the problem as my local printer is simply not recognized by tv13.  help


  • Mishalk1
    Mishalk1 Posts: 2 Newbie

    If your printer has an ethernet port built in, all you have to do is open a port on your router/firewall and enable port forwarding to the printer. If your printer lacks an ethernet adapter, you can purchase an ethernet print server and connect it to it via USB or parallel port. I'd use a large port number, but this is extremely insecure. You'll most likely need a router that supports OpenVPN, which encrypts network traffic between the server and the restaurant's router to printer. You can purchase a router and install DD-RT or Tomato Firmware on it.

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