TV_ID_User_Name or UserName_TV_ID ?

Hello Team Viewer Enthusiasts!

I'll be adding 400 users through a bulk deployment.

When each user is registered, I could name the machine beginning with their Team Viewer ID and concatenate the user name or the reverse.

Since users log into shared conference rooms, depending on how we deploy it (e.g. upon login), we could potentially have multiple machines per user.

In my old job in a much smaller Team Viewer setting, we named the machines as the employee's name.

My major concern here: if I'm on the phone with a user, and I get them to mouse-over the Team Viewer icon and tell me the TV_ID, I don't want to have a hard time finding it in the list of machines.

However, as I just typed this question, it occurs to me it would probably be easier to have me just type in the TV_ID instead of browsing for it.

Is that what most people do?



PS: what if the user isn't there and I need to remote in. If they don' tell me their TVID, what's the best method to do that?