Need help with Installing Team Viewer Quick Support

I have a Windows 10 Phone and I am trying to Install the Team Viewer Quick Support App but I can't seem to find the Install button in the App store. Please see the screenshot below-



Kindly help!




  • I am want the laptop to connect to my phone. I have a Nokia Lumia that runs Windows 10. When I go to the Windows Store and Search for "Team Viewer QuickSupport", I am able to see the description but I cannot find the download/Install button.

    Please see the screenshot below


    Kindly Help

  • Reyhan
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    Hi  @rickyraghavan

    Thank you for your post.

    The App-Store should look like this on your Windows phone 10:


    In your screenshot is a little hint "This title is powered by great new features in the free Windows Anniversary Update...


    Could you please verify that you are running the latest version?

    This could be the reason, why it doesn't work. :smileyhappy:

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  • mi phone es OK Is the last version and search upgrade it's ok, but no unlook de botton for download