Cannot connect to local computer

EmmBee11 Posts: 2

I just installed TeamViewer (personal use) on one Windows 7 and one Windows 10 local computers, setup unattended access on the Win 7 machine, gathered the Partner ID and password, then started both applications.  I also entered my TeamViwer account credentials successfully.

But TeamViwer on the Win 10 machine never allows me to connect! At firsst I was getting a useless error message simply telling me that the connection failed, with no explanations. Now I'm not getting any messages at all; I press the Connect button, then it shows "Connecting" for a few seconds, then it simply stops trying and he Connect button is shown in blue as an enabled button.  Nothing else!

I can find no information at all about what's going on and how to troubleshhoot this problem.

Please hellp!