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Teamviewer 13.2.14327 settings not applying

We are using TeamViewer host version 13.2.14327. Settings are not applying from any solution even using regedit /s and reg files for X86 and X64 versions.

What are your working solutions? Easy access for a specified user is not applying and also all other settings like access control in advanced settings...



  • As a information, I'm using a command like this in VBScript to install the product.

    RC = WshShell.Run(Chr(34) & Source & "\TeamViewer_Host.msi" &
     Chr(34 ) & " /qn CUSTOMCONFIGID=ID DESKTOPSHORTCUTS=0 APITOKEN=TOKEN ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS=" & Chr(34) & "--reassign --alias %COMPUTERNAME% --group CSDPS --grant-easy-access" & Chr(34)

  • Now I don't understand. My test machine is DeepFreezed. I install it, TV is logged to an account but some settings are missing.

    I reboot (changes are removed because of DeepFreeze) and install again. TV is not logged to any account.

    This is complete a non sense that a payed software like TV (yes because we have a license) do not work like intended more easily.

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