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Share my screen and view the other person's screen simultaneously?

Is there anyway for me to share my screen with someone and for them to share their screen with me during the same session? Like if we could toggle back and forth between the two? Basically I want to view their screen as they guide me through math questions that they have from their online text book. Then I want them to see me writing solutions on my Windows 10 screen with the built-in handwriting feature (Windows Ink Workspace). I do NOT want to use the whiteboard in Teamviewer. It has been way too glitchy for the math problems to be legible. Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • fraps8
    fraps8 Posts: 1

    I am also curious on how to do this. Did you find out ? 

  • michlang
    michlang Posts: 3

    I now use **Third Party Product**! Completely free and you can initiate a video call with someone and then share your screen with them. They can also share their screen back with you in the same video call. Besides the whiteboard in Teamviewer not working well and the audio being quite bad, I was beginning to have problems connecting with my students who use a Mac (and I don't). And you can see the amount of "helpful" replies I got here in the community forum lol. So I finally gave up on Teamviewer. I hope that helps!!

  • solcis
    solcis Posts: 1

    Hi! Can you tell which platform did you use to manage that? Thaks!!

  • michlang
    michlang Posts: 3

    I've been using Google Hangouts :)

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