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How to copy from remote (Android OS Quick Support) to loal PC Windows 7 Teamviewer 13


I am attempting to copy text content from my phone running TeamViewer Android OS Quick support to my PC, Windows 7, Teamviewer 13. However it does not work.

I can  copy FROM my pc to the phone but not the reverse.

The actual steps I am doing to copy URL that was texted with me are as follows (while connected via Team viewer and using PC interface):

  1. Select and hold on text message with URL until pop up menu appears
  2. Select forward, this copies the contents into a new editable text message
  3. Select just the URL, and hold until pop up menu appears
  4. Select Copy (or Cut) -- I've tried them both
  5. Go to browser and try to paste (no paste option).
  6. Open notepad and try to paste (no paste option).


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