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teamviewer id cli

Hello all,

I've just installed teamviewer in a rapsberry pi with only cli and I want to add it to my management console, how can I do it?



  • Hello @acvoliveira,

    If you have installed the IoT agent the installation guide is as follows :

    If you refer to TeamViewer remote desktop please find the answer here:



  • Hi, there is no answer to my question in the links you've sent. Is there a way to add teamviewer iot to my teamviewer console? If yes, how? I've installed in my raspberry pi that only have CLI, no GUI.

    In the raspberry pi, when I type teamviwer id, it tries to open GUI interface. How can I get the ID and password from the console? 

    At this momento I don't want to monitor the raspberry pi resources, I'm just want to add it to my teamviewer console, so I can remote access it anytime I want. Is there a way of doing that using only CLI?

  • DomLan
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    Hi @acvoliveira,

    maybe you have installed the client version, while the one you need is the IoT version or the headless host one. In any case, @Victoria has answered your question by referring to the related articles. Following them you should get to the commands (use SSH):

    "sudo teamviewer info" -> get device ID

    "sudo teamviewer setup" -> set configuration for unattended access (...pwd and more)


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  • PatrickG
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    Hi @acvoliveira

    As you figured out, there are 2 versions of TeamViewer to install on a Raspberry Pi:

    "TeamViewer Host for Raspberry Pi" for full remote desktop (please disregard since you don´t have a GUI)

    "TeamViewer IoT" for remote shell access and remote web application on the Raspberry Pi

    While @DomLan is correct regarding the commands for TeamViewer Host (Thanks @DomLan great answer!) the commands for the IoT agent are different. 
    Once the IoT agent is installed on your Raspberry Pi, please run

    sudo teamviewer-iot-agent setup

    and assign your Raspberry Pi to your TeamViewer account. Once the Raspberry Pi is assigned to your TeamViewer account, you can also find it on your Management Console and connect to your Raspberry Pi from the Management Console. 

    In order to retrieve your TeamViewer IoT ID of your Raspberry Pi, please run the following command:

    sudo teamviewer-iot-agent info

    2018-09-19 13_35_14-Window.png

    In addition, you can also check the current status of the IoT agent with the following command:

    sudo teamviewer-iot-agent status

    If you have any additional questions, please do let us know.




  • Hi

    Once I've installed the rasberry pi agent, and it is registered under my devices, in teamviewer iot management, how do I associate the raspberry pi iot agent to my teamviewer? I can see the teamviewer ID, but there is no password.

    How can I remote access the raspberry pi using teamviewer?

  • Just solved... thanks for the help

  • PatrickG
    PatrickG Posts: 40 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @acvoliveira

    We are glad, you were able to solve this. During the installation of the IoT agent, you enter your username and password of your TeamViewer account and your Raspberry Pi will then appear on your TeamViewer Computer & Contacts list. Also, the device will be accessible from your TeamViewer Management Console.

    Please do let us know if you have any other questions and we will be happy to assist.