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Computer program executes when accessing remotely

Strange occurence:

When accessing my home computer from my Android phone, a program which is installed on the computer executes and pops up occupying the whole screan--in order to continue I have to close the remote program. The app that runs is "Copernic Desktop Search".

Very annoying--please advise.



  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Posts: 39 Senior Management

    Hi @ameneses

    this is clearly an unexpected behaviour.

    TeamViewer is not in any way related with Copernic Desktop Search. It sounds like the problem is connected with Copernic Desktop Search and I recommend to contact them directly.

    Best, Eduardo


  • Thank you for your reply.

    I'm aware that Teamviewer has no relation to Copernic, but I was wondering why the issue I describe happens. In order to avoid this, I have to close Copernic in the target computer.

    Any ideas?