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Chat history

Hi, we'd like to know if it's possible to automatically delete chat conversations older than a certain time (e.g. 3 months) or if this is only possible manually by each user ?

Additionally we'd like to know what happens with the chat history of users that quit the company and when we disable\remove them in the management console? Is their chat history deleted from your servers ?

Many thanks for your answers.


  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Posts: 39 Senior Management

    Hi @AndreasV

    No, it´not possible to automatically delete chat conversations. Only the user can delete them manually.

    If you set an account to inactive in the Management Console, everything is on hold, but not deleted.

    If you remove an account from your company profile, the user still has his chat history.

    If the account owner closes his own account all data incl. the Chat history are deleted.

    Best, Eduardo

  • Hi,

    All the accounts are company accounts and not personal ones. How can I then closes these accounts properly if removing will only remove them from the company profile ? I just connected to one of these accounts and tried to find this close or delete option but I couldn't find it...

    Please tell me I can close accounts form the management console of the company and that I don't have to connect to each account seperatly :smileyfrustrated:

    Kind regards

  • Is it finally possible to close the accounts from the management console (so that all chat history is definitely deleted) ?

  • Fab
    Fab Posts: 7 Staff member 🤠

    Hello @AndreasV,

    when you want to delete an account which is in a company profile, this account has to get out of the company profile first.

    Please make sure you can log in into the account you want to delete before the next steps.


    If you are a company administrator, you can do that with User Management -> Remove user.

    And then, when you log in into this account, you will find the "delete account" option  on the top right-hand corner clicking on your profile, edit profile.

    I still think "deactivate user" is a very good option as it completely blocks the usage of this account, and all of its features.

    Have a good friday,


  • Hi @Eduardo, Hi @Fab,

    Thank you for your anwsers. TeamViewer has certainly its reasons why it's implemented like this but it is too bad there is no easier way. An account that was created by the company administrator should be deletable by the company administrator as well...

    The issue is not about "not being able to use Teamviewer any more" but about deleting all personal data of a person who leaves a company. I don't think all company administrators are aware that removing an account doesn't delete it and that all data of this account still remains somewhere on your servers...

    Have a nice weekend,