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Upgrading to\Setup of 13.2


We recently upgraded our licence from TV 10 Perpetual to the subscription. We are now looking to upgrade all users to 13.2.

The old setup was done by somebody else, so I am not 100% certain of how it was setup. I know we have a SCP setup in our AD but is this method still valid?

I want to treat this as a clean slate and deploy over the top of the existing install. I have read the Mass Deployment Improvements KB and I understand the way that the MSI is deployed has changed and so we will have to uninstall on clients first. Is there an automated way to do this? The guide decribes using an MSI to uninstall but how does this deal with the wrapper?

When I download the newly created Host MSI, It comes zipped with MSI guide which I can follow from start to finish but this applies to 12. Although the Mass Deployment Improvements KB is useful I dont find it as simple to follow as the guide that comes zipped with the MSI package. Is there any MSI manual that applies to 13.2?

Thanks in advance!


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