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Replace TeamViewer?


Is anyone else on the verge of replacing TeamViewer? I don't know what happened it used to be great now the licensing is a nightmare it keeps reporting FREE when we've paid for business, noone answers support calls, the web pages break in modern browsers and I've just been going around in circles working in the Google CAPTCHA mines clicking pictures of store fronts every time I try anything!?!?

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to (or what not) to replace TeamViewer Business with because I'm sick of this nightmare.





  • Just use **Third Party Product**. 
    I used Teamviewer for free to support my familiy. This was great. Now they told me to buy a licence. I explained my usage. They accepted and put me to free ( they told me.) This morning my 76 year old father needs help I started the Teamviewer and after 30 seconds. The session was terminated.

    I used **Third Party Product**. This worked fine.

    I will try to get teamviewer running, because the family already accepted the tool. But if they are so bad in working with their promises I will completly switch.

    They deleted the name of the product. So it seems , that they fear. You can work with this product at **Third Party Product**.  each table :-)