TeamViewer 10 license not working

ninhtran Posts: 1

I bought teamviewer 10 license for my laptop back in 2014.

I recently upgraded my laptop to be a Windows 10 x64. I then downloaded a free version of TeamViewer 10, instead of using my licensed copy. Later, I uninstalled the free version and installed my licensed version instead, but TeamViewer continues to warn me about tempoary license and will stop running in 7 days.

How do I rectify the situation?





  • Yuri_T
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    Hi ninhtran,

    Thank you for posting. 

    Unfortunately we cannot explain your specific license in the community.

    Please contact our support team to activate your license.

    Just for your information, please read this article to check if your operating system is supported with you TeamViewer version.


    Hope this email will be helpful for you.

    Best regards,



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