Can't log into TeamViewer - has to kill app each day

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Using TeamViewer 13.2.14327 on Windows 10 Pro with latest updates...

My computer runs 24x7x365 and TeamViewer is always open.

Every day I use TeamViewer, I'm locked out (eventhough I have "Don't lock me out ticked).

If I try to log in, nothing happens.

I have to kill the TeamViewre Windows app (from job list) in order to be able to log in again.

I've tried to remove TeamViewer and reinstall it - same problem.

Any ideas?



  • SDIC_Sandra
    SDIC_Sandra Posts: 1

    Having exactly the same problem, on the same version but I have this account on various devices (phone, ipad, 3 computers) and connect to my clients from all these devices. 

    But the disconnection from my account and having to kill the app before being able to connect again happens also if the last time was the same machine.

    Very annoying....

  • Julia
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    Hi all,

    Can you please install our new TeamViewer 14 and test if the issue still persists? We also published new mobile apps today.


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