RDP and Teamviewer in Win 10 and Win 7

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In some clients, i install Teamviewer host, over Win 10 or Win 7.

This clients run Thinstuff XP Terminal Server to emulate multi user terminal server (Work how in Windows Server), 

When a user sign in (open a RDP Session), this session override the user session, only in teamviewer.. Then, i can't work to the RDP session is closed.

But this trouble only ocurrs in some PC's. In others, with the same S.O. and Thinstuff Terminal Server installation, i don't have problem...

How i can solve this?


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  • Yuri_T
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    Hi asantarelli,

    Thank you for posting.

    Unfortunately, we do not officially support emulated terminal services.

    However, we support server operating systems. Please visit here for more informaiton about TeamViewer on Windwos servers.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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  • asantarelli
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    yes... i read the post... but in the PC's whit trouble, the option to activate the enhanced multiuser mode is not showed... i can manually set? (registry, config, etc.)