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own mail server with imap and ssl does not work

the following error is displayed:

""Incoming conection faild with the following error: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILD] Authentication faild. Not connected. No email resource at: {}INBOX"

With outer Emailclient it works

What can i do?



  • Hi 

    Could you please send your instance URL and inbox name in private message for further investigation.

    Mail server settings that are used for connection would also be useful.

    Product Owner
  • Hi 

    Investigation didn't show any issue on our side. 

    Can you try to setup connection using another tool, e.g. to see is this only servicecamp that can't connect to mailbox or it's a general issue.

    Product Owner
  • kurtf
    kurtf Posts: 2


    I tested it with dotcom-tools and there are no problems.

    I have created a new email account with a simple password. Now it also works with servicecamp. Maybe you have a problem with special characters in a password.
    Thank you very much for your support.



  • There are many HTTP status codes sends to the users and one of them is 504 gateway timeout error and this error occurs when your request is unable to complete by servers. When you visit any site then the site grants your request and sends it to web servers and if your request is unable to complete then the server sends back the error to you.