TalkTalk Imposes Extensive Traffic Filter in the UK

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Hi Community and TalkTalk Customers,

I would like to share our Statement with you:


TalkTalk Imposes Extensive Traffic Filter in the UK

Several organizations are affected

Göppingen, Germany, March 09, 2017 – TalkTalk, a provider of telecoms and broadband solutions, responded to ongoing scam campaigns aiming at unsuspecting TalkTalk customers by bringing about extended traffic filtering in the United Kingdom. This step impairs the operation of various software products. Cyber criminals abuse legitimate software to rip off their unsuspecting victims. The measures deployed by TalkTalk may affect the use of the popular remote support software TeamViewer®. TeamViewer and TalkTalk are in a close and constructive exchange to address this issue. TeamViewer denounces criminal activities in any form.

 In the context of the current situations TeamViewer stresses:

  • Scams aiming at unsuspecting individuals are despicable. Yet – as a BBC-article suggests - what makes the current frauds particularly hideous is the fact that scammers are using TalkTalk customer data. Several news outlets including tripwire reported that TalkTalk experienced a data leak. The criminals apparently obtained this data and are now using it in their scam-scenarios. This provides them credibility and facilitates their cunning schemes. The fact remains, however, that large organizations would never cold call individuals to offer help with some unfounded issues. Users are strongly advised to apply extra care and a healthy dosage of scepticism with unsolicited calls.
  • The current impairments are not a sign of operational dysfunctions or a security issues at TeamViewer. It is a drastic measure brought about by TalkTalk. The filter affects several organizations.
  • TeamViewer and TalkTalk are in extensive talks to find a comprehensive joint solution to better address this scamming issue.


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  • mike_e
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    This issue with Talk Talk is ongoing. I am a UK Talk Talk subscriber and just this weekend (20-21 Jan 2018) I could not use Teamviewer, nor even browse to I could however, ping it, and telnet to port 80 and port 443. Realised that my Android phone on 4G was fine, but when it switched to use the Talk Talk router it too gave the error :

    ‘This site can’t provide a secure connection’ or ‘ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.’

    Took a lot of time trying to figure it out and in the end called Talk Talk Tech support, and it seems their Scam settings in my account were turned on (this is the default I believe) and they block teamviewer. 

    THE FIX?

    So to fix this login to the talk talk My Account, Go to My Services menu > View HomeSafe Settings and turn off Scam Protection or: go in to go in to Kids Safe on the same page, turn it on and Allow You can then leave Scam Protection on.

    Susoect there are lots of other TV users out there with Talk Talk having this problem still in 2018


  • stortford
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    The cause completely mystified me in 2022! But the simple instructions given put things right. Many thanks.