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Service camp not creating tickets via email

As of Wednesday the 10/10/2018 our instance hasn't been generating tickets from user emails with linked own mail server.

We have confirmed emails are being received by our mail server and that service camp is grabbing and removing the emails through IMAP, no tickets are being created how ever.

some assistance would be appreciated.





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  • Hi 

    please send your instance URL and inbox name in private message for further investigation

    Product Owner
  • Hi 

    We did some fixes please check one more time on your end and if issue appeares again please do let us know.

    Product Owner
  • Hi There Yervand,

    this was solved a couple weeks ago though it appears to have started again.

    could you provide further details on what the cause was previously?
  • Hi raybot,

    This issue is caused by some kind of special symbols used in emails which then are causing some problems with encoding and as as result emails are not converted to tickets. 

    Previously we have covered some cases and now our team is working on general fix of this issue. As soon as we get this fixed and released we will update you.

    Product Owner
  • Kalel
    Kalel Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Hi Support,
    We noticed that servicecamp is not generating ticket when email sent was auto generated.