Teamviewer MSI deployment

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I am traying to deploy Teamviewer host 13 on client MSI.

I use this command:

msiexec.exe /i TeamViewer_Host.msi /qn APITOKEN=4427541-8QKzKkcc3Vud2oHaiItk CUSTOMCONFIGID=s3c7jj5 DESKTOPSHORTCUTS=0 ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--group TEST"

Can you help me:

1.How I can predefine password for all clients? (When silent install msi I dont know pass and can't connect)

2.When Computer appear in group i see Teamviewer ID, how I can set to view allias?

3.Why installation ignore Teamviewer policy which is defined in management?

4.When I click about teamviewer tell me licence is Free, but we have payed licence in company.