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Hi there, I'm researching the possibility to use TeamViewer within our company. I've spoken to several of my colleagues regarding different aspects of TeamViewer and the usage of it. My research is based on the minimum and cheapest and simplest usage, but our company is big enough to use TeamViewer as a corporate.

Where-as this isn't my expertise, since I only used TeamViewer for personal use at home. Now I have to face questions like "Does it support Azure?", "Is it secure?", "if so, how secure?", "Where is data passing through?", "Isn't it better to use the SaaS Solution?", "How does the licensing structure work? (concurrent etc..)", "Can it work with AD credentials?" and maaaany more questions which spin my head around haha

I'm an graduated and certificated IT support, which has quiet some knowledge regarding IT, Hardware, Software, Workflow. But I don't have much knowledge about SaaS, Cloud, Security etc.. I can handle the technical stuff, no need for dumbing it down for me ;-)

Let me sum up the questions:

- Is there any (Pentest) report of some sorts which can be provided to give us further insight in statistics?
- How does TeamViewer guarantee its quality?
  > i.e.: does it have an SDL?
- Does TeamViewer and/or it's employees have an ISO 27001 certification? (or something similar?)
- Can it be used through an autorisation management tool like Active Directory or Quest?
  > if so, can it work with the AD Credentials?
- How does the authentication work?
  > i.e.: does it have MFA for the Remote Control users? (especially when using SaaS.)
- How is the licensing structure build? (i.e. concurrent users)
  > i.e.: We consider to take 1 corporate license and 5 add-ons, so we as the support team (consisting of 8 people) can use TeamViewer all at the same time (if needed, which would be rare). Some users of other departments say they have an interest too in using TeamViewer when our internal software fails. Is it possible that the user of the other deparment uses TeamViewer, when there are fewer then 8 people (at that time) have active session of TeamViewer open?

Last question is very critical in our decision to use TeamViewer here. Since we need to base the amount of licenses to the amount of actively used sessions. We wouldn't want to purchase more licences then needed. Also the other questions have some weigh in our decision making, since security is on top of our list. We work we privacy sensitive data which could cause lots of trouble when there is any kind of leak/exploit, mis- and/or wrongful usage etc..

Hope someone can help me out, so I can shove this project in front of my manager to get him convinced to use TeamViewer within our company (and so I have my personal victory, since several colleagues don't believe I could get this done within my first 3 months at my new workplace :P hahaha)

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  • Reazon
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    Hi Josh,

    Thank you very much for your reply! I'll like into the links you posted.

    For my other questions, is it possible to make a Call Request? So I can be called in my off-hours to discuss my remaining questions.

    Thanks again!

    Kind Regards,
  • JoshP
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    Hello @Reazon,

    If you would please message me your contact information, I would be happy to forward the request to the appropriate team.

    Josh P.

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