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What is the latest version of TV? I've seen 13.2.14327

I've got Corpo edition and it shows 13.2.26558HC...I'm using a beta version? Whats the HC after?




  • Natascha
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    HI @JFMichaud,

    Thank you for your post. 
    Version 13.2.26558 is the latest version of TeamViewer. 
    The HC shows you, that you installed a Host module and not the full version.

    Hope, this helps you :smileyhappy:


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  • I'm waiting since weeks for a changelog. Perhaps you can tell us the changes ind 26558? Thanks
  • Esther
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    Hi @0xDEADC0DE

    Thanks for your post.

    In this version we only changed the random password strength from 4 digits to 6 characters.

    Thanks and best, Esther


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