Mass deployment of TeamViewer host using intune

In this user guide for Intune, under the section 'Deploying TeamViewer MSI Package', it requires generating an API Token for 'easy access'. We have tried this method in intune, and following issues are encountered -

  1. We have used an MSI with idc for company branding, TeamViewer_Host-idcxxxxxx.msi, we have noticed that the installed host did not apply the configured branding.
  2. Whenever the TeamViewer host starts in the client machine, it starts with the wizard for unattended access.
  3. TeamViewer host int he client machine still displays a password (can this be removed when easy access is granted?)
  4. It seems the Azure AD account that establishes TeamViewer Connection from intune is the only account who can remote to the host, for example, when another Azure AD account attempts to remote to the host this error appears in intune portal "There was a problem using your TeamViewer account. Verify your TeamViewer license is active, and supported for Intune."

Is it possible to roll out the host using intune with a password? I am aware that  "TeamViewer_Settings.reg" (is mandatory) and must be in the same directory as the msi file. I am wondering if we can edit the MSI file and include the reg settings and deploy it as LOB app through intune.

Best regards, RajeshK



  • If you deploy the MSI trough Intune you can add the command-line /quiet. this will solve the access password pop-up.

    It would be easy if we could include the .reg somehow.