Can use mouse but not type on remote computers

I have tried everything to figure out why I cannot type on remote computers but I just can't figure this out.  I'm on Windows 8 and most computers i connect to are on Windows 7.  It's a bluetooth keyboard as well. 

I can use the mouse when I connect, but when it comes to typing anything it's a no go.  I went into another room with Teamviewer on it. When connected to the problem computer from there I could type to the problem computer itself okay, but when I  connected to my mom's computer (through the problem computer) , it still wouldn't type.anything. I was hoping it would type using a different keyboard

I just can't figure it out.  It has the same version, same settings as the other 2 computers.  I just cannot type on any remote computer for some reason.  I even downloaded another program to see if it was a computer problem.  That program could type to the other computer okay.  Please help!