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I have teamviewer host installed on all the pc's on my network.  I noticed that the local user can change the unattended host password.  This locks me out of their pc if they don't share the password.  Is there any way i can prevent my users from changing this password?   If so, is there any was make a mass change to prevent this?


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    HI @jchocknell

    Thanks for your post.

    You can protect the TeamViewer options with a password to prevent changes.

    You can also deploy it via a .reg file as the export of the options include the options password.

    Please keep in mind: You need a Corporate license for deploying the .reg-file.

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    I am now able to lock down my test pc's password by chnaging the policy and adding a password to prevent changes.  Is the .reg-file different for every pc?  i have over 400 pc's on my network and don't want to chage the password for everyone sepratley.

    Thanks for the help!