Not able to test scripts.

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I have been waiting for a feature like this! But I am having some trouble getting started.

  • I have version 14 installed on all computers involved.
  • I am using a corporate subscription account.
  • A script has been uploaded in the Management Console.
  • I am using the same credentials for Computers and Contacts as I am for the Management Console.

When I try to run a script on a remote Windows computer from my Linux computer, there is no option for scripts. (But I am very happy the Linux preview has been released at the same time as Windows!)

When I try to run a script from a Windows computer, to a Windows computer, the script button is grey. Says "scripts are not available with your plan".


I appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.

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  • Kerstin_PO
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    Hi @Chiron , thank you for trying out our new feature and sorry for the inconvenience! Did you try it only once starting a session or several times always with the same behavior? If you did it only once, please try it again - there might be a timing issue.

    And it is important that you are logged in with your account in the TeamViewer client, although there should be another message.

    If the problem still remains, can you please provide us the log files?

    Thanks and best regards,


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  • Kerstin_PO
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    Great that you could solve the problem be yourself, @Chiron! And thanks a lot for providing the solution to all of us.

    I will gather some more information, if scripts can work for that scenario. As you can see comparing the screenshots, it's not only not working for the script feature but for other licensed features, as well, as the "leave note" or QuickSteps are missing.

    I will come back to you as soon as I have new information.



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