Service Camp and Power BI Integration

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Hey guys,

I have setup my Microsoft Power BI and Service Camp integration using the  "User Guide Power BI Integration" sucessfully. 

I'm working with the Data that this integration brings to me, i`ve noticed that the "Topic" field doesnt catch any information, they are all in Blank.

Could you guys give me some assistance or guidance in order to obtain this info?

Thank you very much


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  • JosefO66
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    Where I can get the "User Guide Power BI Integration" 

  • kcapozzoli
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    This integration seems to be broken.

    When I try to sign into Service Camp from the PowerBI authentication steps, I get a "Outdated browser version" message.

    I have tried compatibility settings in IE, and removing IE from Windows 10. It seems like PowerBI is "hard coded" to use IE.

    Are there any steps to get past this?

    Can TeamViewer browser sniff after the sign in page?

  • Maldwyn
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    I have the same issue, outdated browser version. Seems its to do with IE and Salesforce had the same issue before but they fixed or rather offered a workaround. Sadly doesnt seem we can apply that in Servicecamp and Teamviewer needs to address it. Ive never had them reply on any of these threads so I would be surprised if they do. I just need a way to export all the data into Excel