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How to find out if my pc was remotely used, from logs?

I want to know if during speicifc time, my pc was remotely opened. I ask that because, after launch when I arrived on my PC, i have seen:  The free session was provided by Temviewer (or a message like that, which is shown after session) on my screen.


that's why i suspect someone was on my desktop, and can you tell me how/what I should see in "log" file?


there are records like:

2018/10/12 04:25:10.035 9208 16056 G1 VoIP: VoIPCentral: CreateComponentsAndStartThreads end....
2018/10/12 04:25:10.035 9208 14168 G1 RebuildingAutoVoiceCapturerWorkingClass: Data streaming acti.........


and like that, but as i freqently connect other device too,  i dont know which record means that MY pc was used, and not the records when i used another pc.

Best Answer


  • there is no such file. only  TeamViewer13_Logfile and TeamViewer13_Logfile_Old  

    so, it means there was no activiy, probably it could be a leftover message from the session i've made to other pc....



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