Wake on LAN, strange behaviour

my subject is Wake on LAN

I have four machines

Win7, connected to internet

Win10, connected to company network

Win7, connected to company network

Win7, virtual machine in company network, always on

SD-ASE and SD-ASE-EW are on the same switch.

From WSHOME, I can wake SD-ASE-EW, but I can not wake SD-ASE unless SD-ASE-EW is on. So when I need SD-ASE, I first have to wake up SD-ASE-EW, then I can wake SD-ASE (still from WSHOME). What is wrong?

From my understanding, SUP-WINSRV generates the wakeup packet for my machines. Why do I need SD-ASE-EW to wake SD-ASE?

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  • Hello,

    I double checked the Teamviewer IDs of machines that are allowed to wake my computer....


    Now it works... Sometimes things are not broken, sometimes it is just a layer 8 problem ;-)