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My first foray into the Teamviewer arena was with v10.x.xxxx. And on all 4 of my private, non-commercial macs (1 MacBook Pro, 3 iMacs), version 10 was wonderful. Fast forward to today (10/24/2018). Having gone through several upgrades (both wanted and not-so-wanted), I have finally landed on v13.2.26558 and 13.2.26559. Why the difference? I have no idea because the versions that I downloaded were the ones presented to me via Teamviewer's own download manager. So I downloaded those versions and, with the exception of my laptop (v13.0.5058), all are running either v13.2.26558 or 13.2.26559. 

Now for the puzzling part: I upgraded the OS on my newest iMac to Mojave 10.14. Some reading material from Teamviewer tells me that Apple's Mojave is so new that, in order to make things work, one must navigate: System Preferences>>Security and Privacy>>Privacy>>Accessibility to make sure that, in the window to the right when Accessibility is selected, "" is present and selected. Also, "Teamviewer Desktop" should be present and selected. And while "" can be manually added, "Teamviewer Desktop" should be added automatically. Ok. Done, done, and done. My Mojave iMac displays all of this.

I have a couple of questions: 1: As to my other, older iMacs (both running El Capitan 10.11.6), and navigating to the same Security and Privacy>Privacy>Accessibility, does "" need to be there? I can't remember ever needing or seeing this before. Truth be told, I can't ever remember ever needing to go there. I have tried, using the older iMacs, both with and without "" being selected. I can't see any difference in performance except that, in every case of initial log in (with and without), originating from any one of the iMacs, I get a black screen. Quite by accident, I closed the session and then tried logging back on again. Voilà!! Everything worked. I had total control. Is this a glitch? I have experienced the "black screen" problem before but not with the log-on-a-second-time-to-get-it-to-finally-work result.

Is anybody out there having these same sets of problems? To be sure, having to try twice to log on just to be successful is no more than a minor inconvenience as long as everything eventually works. Don't even ask me to upgrade to v14. If v14 is anything like earlier betas, it needs more testing while in beta before the release to the general public. As for me upgrading my other, older, iMacs, it won't happen because of Apple's internal architecture. They just do not have the horsepower.



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