TeamViewer 14 mac on El Capitan???



  • Daimer77
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    Same for me !

  • mzmz
    mzmz Posts: 1

    imac mid 2007 - the prepared version for older hardware works perfect.

    Thank you Teamviewer to keep an eye on old hardware.

  • dsnc225
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    Thank you so much. This will help me to solve my issue.

  • joylaptop
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    you link is not valid.  Please correct it so that I can download it

  • LordBBK
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    Dear Joylaptop,


    I suppose that they have merged the patch into the master version of TeamViewer, so if you would download the current version it shall work. The link was not mine just quoted the message received from the support.




  • harold3212
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    I have run app cleaners and deleted all files. and even looked in library/prefs etc. manually to delete everything.
    Restarted several times and made a clean install with the TV 14  dmg.

  • Cory
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    Same problem with MacOS Mojave

  • OUR
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    It doesn't work as you say.

    Even after Multiple removes and s=installs.

    Go back to an older version ...13? or 12? :-(

  • AlyTFA
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    I have downloaded the latest version of Teamviewer on Mac OS Mojave and it still immediately crashes. I have un-installed and re-installed 3 separate times now. The first time Teamviewer worked for a day or so before it started crashing again. 

    I also downgraded to Teamviewer 13 and it still crashed even though it was previously working.

    Mojave is 10.14.6

  • EricK67
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    Hi  I also need urgently a version working fine with EL CAPITAL  10.11.6     Do you have  a link to share  for downloading that version of TEAMVIEWER ?

  • Esther
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    Former Community Manager

  • paul3441
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    Version 14.7.48671 for El Capitain on iMac 2009, updated to 15.2 by Teamviewer ( by the way 15.2 is not available for direct download from teamviewer ). Starts up, but I cannot link to this device with any Mohave OsX or vice versa. I get the message " the linked computer run an old version, update " but there in no further update for the El Capitain !!! It is really a big drawback if we cannot link to older computers, there are millions of them still running.

    Thank you