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TeamViewer window can't move to edge of virtual display

I am using TV to control a remote ubuntu machine that is not connected to a physical monitor. In order to get decent resolution, I have ocnfigured a "virtual" display with HD resolution, which works great. TV allows me to scale the display of the headless linux desktop up to 1920x1080 on my mac. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, the little minimized TeamViewer indicator ("TV isn't surveillance software") can't be moved out of the way over to the edge of the screen. It is constrained to only be located within the bounds of the "physical" monitor (there isn't one). Sadly, the intel graphics in the linux box thinks the nonexistent "physical" monitor is 1024x768, so the little floating TV indicator is right in the middle of my work, always.

Can I somehow force TV to "see" that it's serving a display that is 4x bigger than the nonexistent physical monitor it sees in the video driver of the linux box?

Thanks for any advice!




  • Replying to my own post, just to be very clear.

    The problem is the little TeamViewer host-side popup that can be minimized into an icon and moved off to the side of the desktop. 

    Because I'm using a virtual desktop on linux, this annoying little tab floats right in the middle of my work, and CAN NOT be moved beyond the nonexistent 1024x768 frame of a physical monitor. The hosted display is 1920x1080, so this places the TV popup in the middle of the desktop. It's always on top, can't be hidden.

    Please help me move this popup to the edge of the larger display!

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