Avast indicates a virus in TeamViewer 13

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Avast antivirus v 181028-2 moved TeamViewer 7.hta quarantine ???


  • Today i updated free teamvieweer to 14.(from 11something).  I also got the Avast msg that file 7.hta was moved to virus chest quarantine. says threat name is IDP.generic.  Is this a problem??

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    I got the same alert, but Teamviewer (which I use to do bro-bono community work - Kudos to TV!) is too reputable a product/company to be suspect of doing "dubious deeds", their ad epilog (7.HTA , which triggered the alert) is a small legitimate price to pay for such an elegant product (which I use now and then to provide free service for poor and disabled people who can't afford to pay for PC service or simply can't deal with computer issues due to their handicap.  Doing this, now that I'm retired, helps people and makes me feel good, thanks to TV!)

    In any case this is apparently being checked out by Avast with the TV developers, I got the following email from AVAST antivirus but in the meantime I wouldn't worry about it, i'm feeling safe adding the 'violating' 7.HTA ad folder to my antivirus exceptions list:

    [email from AVAST anti-virus follows]

    Hello and thank you for reporting this,

    I checked this detection with our virus specialists and it seems TeamViewer is actually generating very suspicious files with adverts with no digital signature. We're working on a fix but we will need help from TeamViewer and it may take some time until it's fully implemented.

    In the meantime, we suggest that you exclude this folder from Avast Behavior shield: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamViewer\

    You can find the steps how to exclude this folder in this article: https://support.avast.com/en-ww/article/Antivirus-scan-exclusions/?option=behaviorshield

    Best Regards,

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    It has been another 6 months from the earlier posts on this problem.  I installed TV yesterday with a fresh download.  Today, I received the error from Avast about finding IDP.Generic in 7.hta.

    Is this problem going to get fixed?  

    Can the TeamViewer team weigh in with some evidence that they are aware of what is causing this, and that it is in fact a false positive, and list some of the controls they have in place to help ensure that it is not something that has become a problem?



  • I have just installed and updated team viewer to the latest version and am getting this message from Avast Free