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LAN Partner could not be contacted at the given network address

I have two computers both running the Teamviewer 14 Preview. They are on the same private home network. One is plugged into the physical LAN port the other is connected over WiFi. I am trying to connect over LAN as to not take up external bandwidth. I want to connect the WiFI device to the hard wired device. I turned on both to accept LAN requests. However when I enter the IPv4 address (local to the network) of the hard wired computer, it says "Partner could not be contacted at the given network address". Any further steps needed to resolve this?


  • Shakul
    Shakul Posts: 1

    I'm in the same situation with only one difference that I can connect only from wireless device to hardwired device and NOT vice versa.

    Also I cannot enter my email adress when I'm trying to log in. The email field just doesn't get the focus but password field works fine. Weirdly this problem occurs only on wireless device.

  • hmorrico
    hmorrico Posts: 2

    Did you ever fix this issue? I cannot connect from my wifi laptop to my lan pc

  • hmorrico
    hmorrico Posts: 2

    To anyone having this issue. Here is the fix:

    Open Windows Firewall
    Click Advanced Settings
    Click Inbound Rules
    Sort by Name
    You should see 4 teamviewer entries
    For all teamviewer entries, right click, properties, advanced, and check the 3 checkboxes at the top e.g. private public domain.
    Click apply
    Rinse repeat for all teamviewer entries

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