Two IDs on the same Mac

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I've got a problem with TV 12 on my Mac : 

TV was setup to start with the system. When it starts with the system TV shows an ID (1 023 XXX XXX). If I quit Teamviewer and run it manually, it shows another ID (732 XXX XXX).

the 732x ID was the original ID I registered months ago and I hadn't understood for a long time why it was not available when my Mac was rebooted. In fact, when it reboots TV runs with le 1023x ID....

I tried to remove TV and all related files and reinstall it...

If TV could start on my mac with the 732x ID at anytime...

Anyone got an idea ?



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    Hello Indy69,

    Thank you for your message.

    In the case of macOS, you can resolve this by completely uninstalling TeamViewer from each of the affected Macs and removing the TeamViewer configuration files. To do this, go into the TeamViewer Preferences, then scroll to the very bottom of the Advanced tab, check Also delete configuration files, and click Uninstall.

    Then, re-install TeamViewer 12 via this link : TeamViewer 12 - Download

    I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to contact us again.


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    FYI : I have got only one Mac with that problem... 

    I tried what you wrote : 

    - I deleted TV and config files with the 732x ID the way you described and installed it again. Then I rebooted my Mac.

    - TV started up with the system with the 1023x ID. I deleted TV again with config files and installed it again.

    BTW : when I configure a 'clean' installed TV, this is the 732x ID showing... 

    It didn't solve my problem.

    What I understand is when TV starts with system, it does not have time to get all informations or the user config files and falls back to other config files or maybe a regenerated ID (1023x ID). Maybe Wifi card is not up and running at that time?

    Any idea ?