WiFi extenders


My current home set-up has 6 computers on a local network. 3 are hard wired to the main BT hub 6 router, 3 login to it via a WiFi connection. The Wifi computers are located in a garden room which is a rear annexe to the house, and where they regularly lost internet connection.

I've cured that by buying a Netgear N300 WiFi extender, which has doubled the signal strength. So far so good. But I have now lost contact with the 3 remote computers in Teamviiewer.

Effectively the extender sets itself up as a sub-router off the main house router., and provides a separate internet for the 3 ouside computers to log into via WEP. The control computer in the house is still on the main router network.

What do I need to configure in Teamviewer to see al 6 computers again?

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