TV 13.2 super slow file transfers on same network

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Hi all, TV file transfers from one computer to another on the same network is so slow I gave up using it. Since MS in their infinite wisdom has removed Homegroup I thought TV would be a good alternative for file transfers.

I am geting about 100k/sec... how can it be this slow?


  • beast-usa
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    It's been painfully slow for awhile. :(

    Try restarting both computers, restarting teamviewer. They say it's a UDP thing but that's just not the case. When I do the restart same systems, same connections the speed can change from a VERY SLOW 100-120KBs to 2000 to 3000 KBs.

    Teamviewer people PLEASE FIX THIS. My license is about to renew and the main reason I pay for TV is because the 100% free _________ that I can't write in here because you remove it! Only has 120KBs upload! It doesn't have all your bells and whistles most of which I never use anyway! And IT ALWAYS connects no trying 2, 3, or 4 times. But it's upload is SO SLOW just like yours lately. :(

    I upload 400 to 600 megs to each computer nightly and it takes HOURS! Right now uploading to two at a HUGE 118KB/s!!! I will be wating 1 hours and 33 minutes before I can even start!

    FIX IT! :)