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I have 5 computers setup exactly the same.  They are all running HP Envy curved all-in-ones, running windows 10 professional.  They are all members of a domain and everyone logged in is a user and not administrator.

On 4 of the machines when I need administrative access, I get the UAC dialog and I enter my credentials  (administrator on the domain) and I can finish my task as admin.  On one machine only when the UAC dialog shows up I get a message from TV something about waiting for user permissions or similar and I can't enter my information. If I have the remote user enter the information for me the program will run (ie: run regedit as admin) but I can't contol the program, I can see what the remote user does with it but I cant control it.  

What's going on with this one machine when the other 4 work just fine?


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    Dear howudodat,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    How are you trying to connect to those devices?

    Are you using TeamViewer authentication? Or using Windows authentication through TeamViewer?

    Could you please try to connect using windows authentication. windows authentication.PNG

    This is from the password prompt and by pressing the advanced + button.

    You may also need to enable the setting on the device seen here below.


    This should get you around the UAC issue and allow you to click through the UAC prompts as long as your an administrator.

    Best regards,

    Aaron Boshers

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    ok, I set windows logon for administrators only and tseted, no difference.  I set windows logon for all users and tested, no difference.  I also tested logging into the remote computer with windows logon and I cant logon either with my admin credentials or the user credentials.

    Finally we noticed one other thing, this one computer wont start TV before the user logs on.  So it requires a user to be physically in front of the computer, log the usre on, then TV will run.  

    Wjhat's odd is that there are 5 identical computers all running windows 10 pro all set up the same (at least we think) and this is the ONLY one that has this issue.  The others TV starts prior to user logon.  The user can remote connect and can logon to the domain and I can remote connect and elevate privileges to admin as needed.

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    We've seen this bug here too - I've reported it before to TV tech support - only to have them tell me that it should always prompt for UAC - at which point I tell them their product would be pointless for us to use if it did that all the time.  I gave up.