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change the ticket creating notice to IT form

Hello im currently a TV corporate account user, I live in Texas USA and I’m trying your Service Campsolution to be added to TV. I am currently considering a different total solution helpdesk, remote support software or staying with TV. I have 2 questions one is how do I modify the reply email I get back below is the sample when a customer creates a ticket, I want to have a different look then that and also I want to be able to reply back to the customer on the email created right away without having to use the web portal etc. so I need to have the customers email address included in the notice below when a ticket is created.

Also look at the subject line form when the ticket was created to wheni actually received the ticket, a whole 10 minutes went by, I use Microsoft 365 as almost everyone here the US does. 10 minutes to receive the ticket email is a huge concern is just too long, and with testing some emails took even longer.

Please reply, thank you

Jesus Rivas

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