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Customized QS and Host - Eternal download

It has become extremelly embarassing to download QS and Host while at my client. It downloads between 3.8 to 9 kbps, after 3 minutes there's some kind of network error. Even at my company (all gigabits connections, all my equipment was VERY expensive). I have at least 100mb just for download (fiber). I can't believe that any of my hardware could be the problem (I tried to download from my client's computer as I did on mine. It's just impossible to make it work.

Any ideias about what could be happening? I usually download my stuff at 12mb/s, I only have trouble with teamviewer.

Acessing my Management Console also takes a lot of time and pacience. If I have to add a trusted device, I have to wait for 10 minutes until the page loads. Even If I use my cellphone data (4g connection), it takes years to get something done.



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