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Lan Connections - Internet Usage

I use teamviewer for personal use, I have several machines at home, specifically one has a set of security cameras connected (lets call this pc “PC1”), this machine is accessed via Lan connection without any problem, if I am working upstairs I can connect to this machine and see who is in front of my house for example. All I need  is connectivity  to the router where both machines are assigned, even if there is no Internet access.

I have another machine connected to my TV-BOX so I can watch tv channels on that PC(lets call this pc “PC2”), If I am in another computer I can establish a Lan connection to that PC so I can watch tv also in the computer from where I am connecting, as explained before I am doing the connection in a similar way as I connect to my  security PC1.  Here comes the difference,   I can connect from any machine In my house to PC1 even if there is no internet access, I can connect to PC2 using a Lan connection only when I have internet connectivity, the difference between PC1 and PC2 is that in PC2 I have an application running with sound and seems to be that when connecting to a machine that is running an application with sound this can be only done if I have internet connectivity, even when I am doing a Lan connection, I thought that when doing a Lan connection no internet data was used, I thought that was local traffic only.



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