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Not ready. Please check your connection on my PC with new version 14...


starting today, i'm getting the error "Not ready. Please check your connection" after installing version 14 of TeamViewer.

I have followed all the tricks available, but nothing seems to work.

I've check the network availability for TeamViewer services, and it seems to be working fine.

I request somo help please. Via console on the web i can connect. I also can connect on my mobile. Only in my PC, i cannot!

I have internet access!


Best regards,


  • Fix now.

    Connected into a diferent network were i was able to contact TeamWork servers again. It worked fine. So, it's solved now.
  • I have same problem but I cant change my network. Teamviewer 13 works fine but 14 says check your connections.

  • I have this on multiple installs on different sites and both OSX and Win 10. No matter what I do it won't connect.

    If I do a full uninstall and remove settings - and then do a fresh install then it will connect until the next reboot - at which time it stops working completely...

    This is causing massive issues for our support.

  • I uninstall 14 and install 13 again. then I check for updates. I updated 14  on teamviewer13.  It connects.

  • I would just reboot the computer.

    If I downgrade to 13 and then upgrade to 14 - it works - but only until the first reboot and then it stops connecting again...

  • I reboot my computer it works