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Teamviewer Full version (not host) - how to roll out?


Previously we had TeamViewer 12 Corporate in a perpetual license.
We have a Citrix/RD Terminal Server infrastructure with lots of users.
These users need to have access to the full version of TeamViewer to be able to control a screen of a remote customer.

Previously we would install TeamViewer full version on each Terminal Server, restrict the options, and activate the license key. We repated this for each server, and we were all set.
Users on that server could start TeamViewer without any need for configuration themselsves and it was licensed and worked fine.

Now we have upgraded to a subscription, since TeamViewer no longer offers the perpetual license. However with the subscription there is no license key. You need to use a user account/password that's been added in the Management Console.

I checked the documentation about rolling out Teamviewer MSI with API token and Configuration ID's, but that is only for TeamViewer Host and not for the full version. I tried rolling out the full version with the API token and the and ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS and even tried the REGIMPORT option, but this all does not seem to do anything with the full version setup. Event the desktop shortcut option doesn't work.
My command:

TeamViewer.msi /qn DESKTOPSHORTCUTS=0 APITOKEN=4********************is ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--reassign --group Terminal-Servers"

I then looked at the AD Connector integration option. This will allow me to automatically make an account for each of my users, with a generated or predefined password, but this will still require my users to manually open the TeamViewer program and login with their e-mail address and the password. And I don't know how TeamViewer will then be assigned to correct group (Terminal Servers) to apply the policies.

I'm also looking at just using reg key values, to distributie via GPO user policy preferences, but I don't think the account activation persists with just reg export/import actions to different users.

What I want to do shouldn't be this diffcult with an application like TeamViewer, that focuses and the corporate customers. I want to be able to roll out the full version of TeamViewer for use by our users on our Citrix/RD Terminal server system without them having to configure a thing or even fill in username/password fields.

I have contacted TeamViewer support, but the agent was clueless about my questions.

Thanks for any insights anyone can offer.




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