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Update Password Not Working

We had an issue where our TV password was given out to people it was not supposed to be. I am trying to change the password remotely. 

I installed a blank Host, modified the settings, and exported the registry key. I know the Registry key works as if I install Teamviewer while using the Teamviewer_Settings.reg file it pulls in the new password.

If I manually apply the Registry file to a PC it does not change the password.

Is there an easy way to change the password?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,145 Community Manager

    Hi @JustinCochran

    Please make sure to insert the password you would like to deploy in the PopUp "Export Options": 

    Export password.png




    Community Manager
  • I have done that. I installed a new host, Updated all the settings. Exported the Registry key Selecting all the options, including the password, License Key, and Settings user Settings as Default.

    I installed a Custom Host on a PC using this registry key and that new computer uses the updated password. If I manually apply the Registry file onto a PC it doesn't update the password. I also tried to re-install the software and that also didn't apply the Updated Settings.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Posts: 106 Staff

    Hi @JustinCochran,

    The reason it isn't working when you manually add the registry file into the Registry on that computer, is because the keys (paths) inside the registry file are hardcoded to use the appropriate Registry key for 32-bit Windows.

    If you use TeamViewer's import function to import the registry file (Options > Advanced > Import), then TeamViewer automatically changes the registry keys to their 64-bit equivalents if the computer itself is running 64-bit Windows. Likewise when you install TeamViewer using the MSI installer alongside TeamViewer_Settings.reg - the MSI installer automatically changes the registry keys as needed.

    But if you manually import the registry file into the Registry on a 64-bit Windows computer, the settings will go to the wrong key in the Registry and therefore won't be used by TeamViewer.

    So you have two options to import the registry file correctly on the target computer:

    1) Open TeamViewer on that computer, and go to Options > Advanced > scroll down to "Import" at the bottom, and use that to import the registry file.

    2) Edit the registry file in Notepad, and replace the 32-bit keys with the 64-bit keys. Specifically, search for every instance of this key:


    ...and replace it with this key:


    That includes all subkeys that start with the above. The easiest way to do that is with Notepad's "Replace" tool (hit Ctrl+H).

    Note that any key that starts with HKEY_CURRENT_USER does not need to be changed at all. Only the keys inside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE need to be changed.

    Hope that helps!

    TeamViewer Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Ok, I understand. However there has to be a way to do this Automated? For instance if I needed to change my main site thats over 250 computers...... I am not going to each computer one by one and doing a manual import......

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Posts: 106 Staff

    Did you deploy the original MSI package to those computers using Group Policy? You can also use Group Policy to also push out a registry file to the computers in question. Or if you used some other deployment tool to deploy the MSI, perhaps that tool can also push out a registry file too, using a script to import it into each computer's registry - most deployment tools should support that.

    The TeamViewer system service will need to be restarted after the registry file is imported into the Registry.. But this can also be automated using a script, with these two Windows commands:

    net stop TeamViewer
    net start TeamViewer
    TeamViewer Quality Assurance Engineer
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