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Teamviewer 14 is slow

I upgraded to TeamViewer 14 to both my remote and home computer and my connection was really really really slow. Has anyone else experienced the same issue with its latest update?

UPDATE: I downgraded back to TeamViewer 13.2.5287 and the speed is back to normal. Is TeamViewer coming up with a patch/ update to resolve this issue with the recently released TeamViewer 14?



  • We downgraded back to TeamViewer 13.2.5287 and connection ready delay went back to normal.

    We are behind a proxy server.

    Direct connection (without proxy or firewall) to internert, then version 14 is ok.

  • Teamviewer version 13.2.5287 connects to outbound mirror servers twice as fast as version 14.0.13880.

  • Hello,

    Is it not the problem that your pc is a bit slow with al the data it has to procces?
    What kind of proccesor do you have?
    How many space is left on your computer?
    How many RAM does your computer use when you run Teamviewer?

    (These are all suggestions)

    With kind regards,

  • arob
    arob Posts: 1

    Same issue, 2 Macs running Mojave. OK when I first connect, but within a few mintutes it slows or freezes.

  • ritwik9
    ritwik9 Posts: 1

    I'm using 50 Mbps internet connection and trying to access PC of my colleague in the same city but I'm facing lag while accessing his PC.

  • Mkolberg
    Mkolberg Posts: 19

    Fast Internet, but the remote controlling does not make fun.
    Every mouse- Click takes 1 Second to react.
    last week it was normal. only the Weekends make problems.

  • dwkindig
    dwkindig Posts: 1

    Gigabit LAN connections here, trying to access my wired-in laptop via my wired-in desktop via direct IP connection, and the lag is **bleep** atrocious.  What a **bleep** joke.

  • ElyseK
    ElyseK Posts: 1

    Running 100mbps up and down locally and 50mbps on the remote computer .  Will be fast at first but then theres a major lag in response time

  • ramfra
    ramfra Posts: 3


    now i'm using scripts to restart Teamviewer Service on the remote machine. After that it run's very fast.

    Thank's Teamviewer for this nice Feature to eliminate an error

    regards ramfra


  • Same issue here -

    Trying to access VMs on my internal gigabit network.
    Gigabit network, gigabit internet up and down, all flash storage, 80GB network backend.

    It takes 3 seconds for my mouse click to register.

    Version 14.5.1691

  • Confirmed. Teamviewer  14.6.2452, Mojave 10.14.6. Mac to Mac connection is extremely slow, while iOS to Mac is fine.


  • CMö
    CMö Posts: 1

    How do you restart Teamviewer Service on the remote machine?

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